Anthropocene Chronicle 001: notes on house subcomittee hearing 12.10.2014

The United States as an Arctic Nation: Opportunities in the High North

Anthropocene Communiqué no. 2: Practice

Just like the game in which fortune cookies are read with “in bed” appended, one could stick on “in the Anthropocene” to just about any topic and instantly charge it with import. Nouns, buzzwords, predictions: Water… in the Anthropocene. Disruptive innovation… in the Anthropocene. How to influence people… in the Anthropocene.

What does this do, besides make power point presentation titles instantly cooler? The Anthropocene becomes a container; something in which experiences happen. It gives experiences a shape, a significance, a way to see their contours, and hence new insights into their essence. This, in turn, offers another transformation of perspective. It places the observer outside the experience: a child studying a glass terrarium, or scrutinizing little ants tunneling away in a plastic ant farm. The Anthropocene is a meta-maker. All this shaping & containing, this new lens, transports one into meta-consciousness. Which is pretty neat. It’s an important stage in a child’s development to see herself as a maker and influences of worlds, ready to blast the ants or give them little leaves to carry around, whatever.

Anthropocene Communiqué no. 1: PRIMAL

How many times have you been “welcomed” to the Anthropocene as if it’s some kind of dark sexy ironic thing: a new nightclub maybe, or a flight that’s just dimmed the lights en route to some exotic foreign country?

This is not that.

An invitation

Do you like the Anthropocene?



It’s okay

I don’t know


What does it remind you of?

making / tools / craft / ancient / future / estrangement / extinction / controlled / out of control / pavement / weeds / mutants / newness / gardens / cities / men / women / babies / boomers / artificial / art / test