Paradises and Dustscapes: stories from the heart of globalization was written in 2008-2009, in the last decade, before “anthropocene” took the place of “globalization.” Not that I endorse Amazon, but today prices for it range between 0.35 and 45.04, which I won’t see any bit of, so please email me if you’d like a pdf of this book. A few of the tales are cli-fi; some are speculative fiction and some straight-up fiction. Geographically far-ranging and fully imbued with that 2009 zeitgeist…

More interesting to cli-fi fans may be Crossing the Blue, written from 2005-2007, before a Florida disappearing underwater was a common notion. It’s my American road novel, and my first novel, with all the flaws & charms (I hope) that entails. I didn’t mean it to be dystopian, and in fact, it made it onto an io9 list of “Optimistic Visions of the World After the Oil Runs Out.” Written before the 2010+ oil boom / fracking renaissance (and now bust), you can read a review on